Western Washington University
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Anth 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to the concepts, methods and practical application of cultural anthropology. The focus is on explanations for social and cultural variation around the world and over time and the significance of holistic and comparative understanding.

Anth 353 Sex and Gender
Cross-cultural study of gender stereotypes, gender and language, gender and work roles, gender and religion.

Anth 362 Peoples of Asia
Ethnographic survey of the region, with attention to the diversity of human experience.

Anth 490 Sex Work and Intimacy – Sr. Seminar
Capstone seminar in anthropology. Topics vary, emphasis is on current research questions in anthropology. Students write a research proposal, conduct a research project and present the findings. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 credits.

Anth 495 Tch/Lrn Process in Anthropology
Practicum as discussion leaders in anthropology courses. May be repeated once for departmental credit if taken from a different instructor.

Anth 496 Portfolio Assembly
 Student assembles and submits portfolio contents in four areas: research, competence, data analysis, critical comprehension and synthetic comparison, under continuing direction of departmental academic adviser. S/U grading.